Setbacks are a fact of life. Whether we like it or not, setbacks happen - in business, in careers, in families and other aspects of our lives. These are oftentimes outside of our control. However, what lies within our control is the action we take following a setback.

This article was inspired by the following video we saw on Instagram.  There are so many lessons to take from this video.  Here a just a few.

  1. The sooner you get up, the quicker you can continue to strive for your success. Get up! Don't spend time staying down crying and looking for other people to help you. Those other people are too busy running their own life races.
  2. The show is going on... The world would not stop and do a restart just because you fell...
  3. It's not personal.. When you are down, people may accidentally step over you... don't take it personally, you are just somewhere that you shouldn't be - the floor is for treading upon, not for people to lay upon.
  4. Being behind does not mean you have to stay behind. Disappointments should spur Determination.
  5. Having a setbacks can be an advantage Those that have not experienced struggles can feel they are "okay". See all those other cyclists cruise along. Knowing what it feels like being "down" should push you to drive for success.
  6. Continue to push for more. The race had 8 or 9 people.... going into the first bend, this young lad "44-48"...was at the end of the pack. Coming out of that bend, he was in the sixth position and coming out of the second bend he was number in the third position ... but that wasn't enough.. One more bend... and he came out tops...


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Life presents twists and bends... that first fall... it doesn't matter... YOU CAN DO IT...
KEEP PUSHING. The twists and turns are obstacles to slow some down... but they also open up opportunities to help you success... this lad saw a small gap... the opportunity... and he cycled right through..

Don't dwell on past failures... GET UP NOW... and push on... 2022 is a year for grabbing opportunities for success.

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